A little extra love with Mike and Cory.

 These 2 are just adorable.  Never a dull moment as there are usually always some sort of giggles on the go!  I had so much fun on one of the COLDEST days of December, but the visit and the outcome was awesome!  

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Brown Family.

 So cute!  

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Leanne. faces of beaumont

A while back I had coffee at Jef’s Cafe with this beautiful lady.

Meet Leanne. 

Leanne and I met in the group Empowering Women Entrereneur’s also known as EWE.  She is one talented lady.  Not only is she a mom to 2 beautiful girls, she is pretty amazing with the web in more ways than one.  She has designed a few web apps and websites.  She has designed a pretty fancy website/app for the Town of Beaumont.  This site is amazing to help locals show what businesses we have here in Beaumont, and to hopefully help them shop local!  

Leanne is also an amazing photographer, who adds a creative spin on her photography.  She makes scarves out of some of her portraits.  You can see she is wearing one of her scarves in this photo;)  Please do check out what neat things she has on the go!  Click here to see some of her work!

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